In my opinion, developing a Web based application in JSP (Java) is more or less like killing a housefly with a bazooka. Of course you will hit your target, no […]

How to implement Tag Clouds in PHP

What are Tag Clouds? In technical terms “Tag cloud” can be defined as visual depiction of user-generated tags (words), used typically to describe the content of that page or the […]

Is PHP ready for enterprise?

It’s been an interesting few months for Zend, the commercial company behind the open source programming language PHP. In the past few weeks, Zend has teamed up with Rackspace, a […]

Using MVC in PHP Applications.

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture provides a useful three-tier pattern for building software, as MVC patterns decouple the graphical user interface (GUI) from the application logic. That comes in useful when […]

Enterprise search with PHP and Apache Solr

Posted by: Martin Streicher (, Editor in Chief, McClatchy Interactive Discover how to combine an enterprise-worthy search engine — Apache Software Foundation’s Solr — with your PHP application. In “Build […]