True Friends

RESULT AGAR ACHCHA HO Maa – Bhagwan ki kripa hai. Papa – Beta Kiska Hai. Dost – Chal Daaru Peete hain.   RESULT AGAR BURA HO: Maa – Aag lage […]

60 Amazing Facts !!

In the weightlessness of space a frozen pea will explode if it comes in contact with Pepsi. The increased electricity used by modern appliance parts is causing a shift in […]

Common Windows error codes!

WindowError:001 Windows loaded. System in danger! WindowError:002 Nothing wrong. YET! WindowError:003 Dynamic link error. Error in all files! WindowError:004 Random error. No real error! WindowError:005 Windows tried to multitask. System […]

Real name of few Celebrities

A Alan Alda = Alphonso D’Abruzzo Woody Allen = Allen Konigsberg Muhammad Ali = Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. Julie Andrews = Julia Elizabeth Wells Fred Astaire = Frederick Austerlitz Chet […]